Minimally Invasive

Only a tiny needle puncture in the skin is needed

Faster Recovery

Recovery is typically just a couple of days

Fewer Risks

Compared to Blood Thinners Alone

The Deep Vein Thrombosis Solution

Discover why El Paso residents are choosing these FDA-approved alternatives for treating iliofemoral DVT.

If you’ve been diagnosed with iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis (DVT), you may have been told that anticoagulation is your only treatment option. However, did you know that there is an FDA-approved non-surgical thrombectomy currently available to successfully treat severe pain and swelling caused by severe DVT?

What is Interventional Radiology?

Treating DVT with Interventional Radiology

The procedures Advantage IR doctors use to treat DVT are part of a medical specialty called Interventional Radiology (IR). This refers to the use of radiological image guidance to precisely target and treat a range of medical conditions.

When treating severe DVT, a non-surgical thrombectomy (also called a percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy) is performed. A doctor inserts a catheter (thin tube) through a small needle puncture in the leg and positions it at the site of the clot using X-ray guidance. Next, a device is inserted to break up and extract the clot.

The procedure is often performed in conjunction with catheter-directed thrombolysis (also called thrombolytic therapy or pharmacologic thrombolysis), where a catheter is used to guide special medication (nicknamed "clot busters") to the site of a blood clot to dissolve the blockage.

Faster Recovery. Greater Comfort.

Patients who undergo the combined non-surgical thrombectomy and catheter-directed thrombolysis treatments have reported high satisfaction. These treatments can accelerate the resolution of pain and swelling from severe DVT, hasten the return to normal function, and help prevent post-thrombotic syndrome.

Recovery from IR treatments is fast because there is no incision to heal or stitches to be removed. The risk of bleeding and other complications is very low. You will typically be discharged at the end of the day. You will likely need to continue blood-thinning medications.

Why Choose Advantage IR?

Advantage IR is at the forefront of the latest Interventional Radiology procedures that provide an effective alternative to surgery with minimal recovery time. From our doctors to our clinical staff, you will receive the quality care you deserve in a safe and comfortable environment.

Advantage IR uses state of the art equipment to provide the best in patient outcomes and care. All of our interventional radiologists are board-certified and have extensive experience and success using these minimally invasive techniques to treat patients with a variety of disorders.

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