Minimally Invasive

Only a tiny needle puncture in the skin is needed

Faster Recovery

Recovery is typically just 24 hours

Fewer Risks

Rate of complications is much lower than surgery

The Varicocele Embolization Advantage

Discover why men in Scottsdale are choosing this FDA-approved alternative to varicocelectomy for treating varicoceles.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a varicocele, you may have been told that varicocelectomy surgery is your only treatment option. However, did you know that Varicocele Embolization, a non-surgical, FDA-approved alternative to varicocelectomy, is being used to successfully treat varicoceles?

What is Interventional Radiology?

What is Varicocele Embolization?

Varicocele Embolization (also known as “catheter-directed embolization”) is an interventional radiology treatment for varicoceles that involves no incision near the genitals at all. It works by closing off blood flow to the affected vein(s), causing the varicocele to shrink.

The procedure is performed by interventional radiologists — doctors specially trained to do minimally invasive vascular procedures, such as angioplasty and embolization, to treat a variety of conditions.

During Varicocele Embolization, a doctor positions a catheter (thin tube) through a small needle puncture in the leg and into the varicocele vein using X-ray guidance. A dye is injected to create an X-ray map (venogram) of the vein and tiny metal coils are inserted through the catheter to block the flow of blood to the vein. 

Faster Recovery. Greater Comfort.

Recovery from embolization is much faster than invasive surgery because there is no incision to heal or stitches to be removed. The complication rate for Varicocele Embolization is only 0-1%, compared with 1-3% for surgery.  Recovery typically takes less than 24 hours and patients often return to work the next day.

Compare that to varicocelectomy, where patients may need to avoid strenuous activity for several days or even weeks. Some complications of varicocelectomy, such as hydrocele (fluid around the testicle) and infection are virtually unheard of after Varicocele Embolization.

For those concerned about fertility, Varicocele Embolization is as effective as surgery (as measured by improvement in semen analysis and pregnancy rates).

Why Choose Advantage IR?

Advantage IR is at the forefront of the latest Interventional Radiology procedures that provide an effective alternative to surgery with minimal recovery time. From our doctors to our clinical staff, you will receive the quality care you deserve in a safe and comfortable environment.

Advantage IR uses state of the art equipment to provide the best in patient outcomes and care. All of our interventional radiologists are board-certified and have extensive experience and success using these minimally invasive techniques to treat patients with a variety of disorders.

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